Friday, April 22, 2011

Two in one month--Wow!!

Secretariat (Liked It)--I really enjoy underdog sports movies. I've watch many of them. Miracle, The Rookie, Seabiscuit, Cinderella Man, and now Secretariat. I love these type of stories, because if they weren't true they would be just cheesy. But they are true (as true as a movie can be), and I love them.

This movie is no different. It's tried and true material. Underdog overcomes great obstacles to triumph in the end, but the people in this story are endearing and the relationship that Secretariat has with his owner is fun to watch.

Secretariat was an amazing horse, the last one to win the Triple Crown, and it's worth the 2 hours you'll spend watching this movie.

I don't know much about horses. I've only been on a horse twice in my life and that was just walking around a barn yard, but I know they are beautiful animals and that someone can develop great love for a horse. Secretariat is that kind of story. A housewife decides to risk it all for a horse she loves and the horse delivers.

The movie keeps your interest even though you already know how it ends. Diane Lane does a good job as does John Malkovich (in an unusual role for him). I liked it, would watch it again, and am recommending it.

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