Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And introducing. . .

I love movies. I have for as long as I can remember. My whole family does. We love to go to the movies, rent movies, and I love to buy movies. It's one of my things. I grew up in a place where there were 3 things to do every weekend: get drunk, break one of the ten commandments, or watch movies. Since I was a good girl, I went to the movies or watched videos. For me, these are my forms of escape. For 2 hours, I can time travel, meet people I will never get to know in real life and visit worlds without number. It's awesome. I disappear into a different reality for a little while and I escape, relax, and enjoy.

People are always asking me, "have you seen any good movies lately?" The answer is usually "yes", and I'm going to share my opinions of those movies here. So, let's decide what we should watch tonight.

Here is my first review--

1. Star Trek--the new one, the JJ Abrams one. I liked it. I am a bit of a Trekkie and my father was definitely one, so I check out the Trek movies. I never really enjoyed the original series, but I like the later TV incarnation and I have always enjoyed the Star Trek movies, all casts. I really liked this version. In the middle of watching the movie, I commented that it also felt like an homage to the old Star Wars movies. How excited was I when Mr. Abrams himself confirmed that thought in one of the special features. this version gave new life to an old franchise. I thought the casting was great, the action excellent, and the humor throughout the movie was spot on. Overall I would recommend it to anyone. There is the normal science fiction violence, some bad language (but not a ton), and the apparently necessary scene of two women walking around in their underwear for a few minutes (with Chris Pine in his underwear for a few seconds, as well), but it was absolutely worth the rental and I would watch it again.


  1. Love it! You are off to a great start! Looking forward to the next addition. ♥

  2. I LOVED your introduction...your sense of humor is so fantastic. As for Star was awesome! I'm a big time Trekkie...television shows, movies...heck, I read William Shatner's autobiography. I thought this movie paying homage to such a wonderful franchise...indeed.

  3. So cool, Chris! Love that you're doing this. Can't wait to read more reviews! xoxo Sarah