Sunday, January 24, 2010


I noticed that my posts can have labels, so I will be identifying how I watched the movie. Sometimes, actually often, I watch movies and then like them enough to buy them. This next movie is one of those and the label identifies it as such.

Julie & Julia--I loved this movie and as I mentioned above, I bought this one. I LOVE Meryl Streep. Basically I think she can do no wrong (at least lately). We watched this DVD as a family. My brother even joined us. He has a mother, two sisters, and a wife, so he's used to watching "chick flick" sometimes. But since we had the testosterone fix with Star Trek, he was game. As we started the movie, he asked, "who is Julia Child?" Thirty seconds into Meryl Streep's portrayal, he said, "Oh, I know who she is. Wow, that Meryl Streep really can play anyone." I agree. Anyone that can do this movie, Mamma Mis, and Doubt CAN play anyone and probably better that they played themselves. I though Nora Ephron did a great job combining the two stories and interweaving the plots. I admit I preferred the Julia side (thanks in large part to Ms. Streep and the wonderful Stanley Tucci), but the Julie side was also well done (with great performances by Amy Adams, Chris Messina, and Mary Kay Place as the mother). And, it made me want to cook. The food looked great. I actually want to try the Queen of Sheba cake recipe. The movie was just fun. My brother even commented that is wasn't really a chick flick because those are move "lovey". I agree. This was a movie about two women with parallel stories and they were both interesting. There are a couple of bad words and one scene of Amy Adams in her bra, but the movie is definitely worth the watch. I loved it, I bought it, and I WILL be watching it again.


  1. I can't believe I haven't seen this movie yet! I really have to get with it! I'm going to add it to our netflix right now. :)

    Fun blog idea!

  2. I did see this Chris and I liked it a lot. Thanks for stopping by tonight.