Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Hopeful Movie

The Blind Side (Loved It)--I mentioned that Invictus was a hopeful movie, and this is another movie that qualifies. I'll admit sometimes I like cheesy movies. This one could be called cheesy, but it isn't overly so. It helps that once again it is based on a true story. Although I know there is some "Hollywoodizing" of the story, I think they got the highlights right. But, Michael Oher did know how to play football before he got to the prep school. Nevertheless, this is a story about a family that was willing to reach out and help someone that needed a boost. I thought Sandra Bullock embodied Leigh Anne Tuohy. I've seen a couple of interviews with the real woman portrayed by Ms. Bullock and she nailed it. I also liked Tim McGraw as Sean Tuohy. He did a good job and could do the souther man thing because that's what he is. Plus, they used some of his music in one of the scenes but it was subtly done and therefore done well. Quinton Aaron who played Michael was the right size to play a defensive football player and didn't overplay the part. He also has a compelling story of his own that is as interesting as the real Michael's (he lost his mom and was about to be evicted, auditioned for the role, didn't think he'd get it, told them he would work security on the set if needed, and then got the part). This movie shows the good in people and that is never a bad thing. We are bombarded daily with the stress and bad news that we all face, so it's good to have something inspiring and hopeful to watch. This movie is all that.


  1. I am glad to know you liked it I really want to see this one.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing this one too. Is it OK for the kids?

  3. This movie is totally ok for the kids.