Monday, August 22, 2011

Different Era--Same Abuse of Power

The Conspirator (Loved It)--This movie depicts the trial of Mary Surratt. She was one of the alleged conspirators in the assassination of President Lincoln. Now I am making no judgments on whether she was guilty or not guilty, but regardless of what she knew or didn't know, the way her trial was handled was wrong.

This movie is directed by Robert Redford, so I will admit it has a more liberal spin to it, but it fits my feelings to a tee. And, I can say, I've recommended this movie to more politically conservative friends, and they loved the movie as well. So, I think everyone should watch this movie. It makes you think. That is not a bad thing.

The movie is from a new company call the American Film Company. They want to make movies that are historically accurate and depict true events. This film met that goal. It shows what can happen when hysteria and fear envelop a nation. I feel that Mary Surratt was a victim of this type of environment and shows what can happen when there is an abuse of power.

I feel we are in an era where there is also a lot of fear and worry. I think our country is great and that our government is a little broken now, but it is still based on the correct principles. But, there are times when it makes mistakes. This film shows one of those times.

The performances are great, especially Robin Wright as Mary Surratt and Kevin Kline as Edwin Stanton (the Secretary of War). The other performances by James McAvoy and Evan Rachel Wood are also great. This film is just very well made and should be seen. It didn't get a lot of attention when it was in the box office, so I trying to get the word out, SEE THIS MOVIE! It's worth the rental.

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