Thursday, August 18, 2011

So you know I'm not a Republican. . .

Fair Game (Liked It)--So I was not a big fan of George W. Bush's administration. Actually I'm not really a fan of politicians in general. But I like political movies. For instance-All the President's Men, the Insider and this movie.

It tells the story of Valerie Plame, who was the CIA operative that was outed by the Bush administration when her husband wrote a story contradicting the "evidence" that there were WMD's in Iraq (which I may need to remind people that there WEREN'T any).

Naomi Watts and Sean Penn do a very good job of portraying Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson (her husband). Now I don't know how accurate the movie was but the commentary by the actual couple seems to think it's accurate enough.

It does a good job of showing what abuse of political power can do to people. Now I feel that Washington D.C. is broken and that both of the major political parties have ISSUES, but to do what Scooter Libby (and not to be petty, but no adult should be called Scooter), did to this family and this women's career is WRONG and for W. to have pardoned him, is even worse.

The story keeps your attention, the plot moves along, and the performances are good. There is some really unnecessary bad language at the beginning of the movie, that makes it PG-13, but the rest is clean, clean, clean. So I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.

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